A powerful tool for DMCs

to increase productivity, reduce errors

and create beautiful proposals

The world of travel is changing at a fast pace

The internet and AI are becoming increasingly integrated into every part of the business with three major impacts

Direct bookings are becoming increasingly prevalent

of travelers said they preferred to book their trips online

Everything is moving faster​

Expected turn-around by DMC when receiving a request

Margins are falling

Increase in travel related bankruptcies in the EU since 2015

Here is how we empower you to succeed

We have created a stunningly fast itinerary builder which syncs directly with your tour operator platform via APIs.
  • An intuitive system that requires minimal training

Divimah was designed to be as easy to use as any online travel website. This ensures that adoption is easy, fast and seamless.

  • AI Generated Suggestions make you work faster than ever

Our proprietary algorithm learns from every single itinerary and creates intelligent suggestions, ready to be selected at the click of a button.

  • Fully automated booking forms with customisable payment terms and exchange rates

The Booking Form is automatically created with fully customizable payment terms, according to services and seasonality.

  • Beautiful Itineraries

Automatically create beautiful itineraries, with customizable colors and layouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to implement the platform?

We make it as easy as possible and take care of of the data entry. All that is required is entering photos and we can assist with this process as well. The process can be done within 1 month and during the entire time, the use of the platform is free. You will only pay a fee once you start using our platform.

How much training will we require?

Divimah was created with the vision of zero training, exactly as would be expected in any public website. We are not there yet, but a first training of 1 hour, followed by 3 sessions of 30 minutes each week is sufficient for your whole team to learn how to use the platform at its fullest.

Is there a minimum time that I am locked in if I sign up?

None whatsoever. The license fee is monthly (unless you opt for a yearly one) and you can end the agreement at any time with no fees attached.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of users?

You can have as many users as you like.

Will Divimah work with my platform?

We have currently implemented an integration with TourPlan. Please sign up to our newsletter to find out when integrations with other platforms are enabled. In case you would like Divimah to link to your platform, please email our CEO: [email protected]

Still have questions?

If you have any other questions or need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

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